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Since 2014 we are also active in the film/foil market. For years this market was dominated for years by builders mainly from southern countries but is increasingly moving. We found a necessary step and enter in to this market.

We work together with the Indian company Greenspan Agritech and Boal-Poly Systems.

Greenspan Agritech

For over 10 years Greenspan Agritech is making it’s way to the top of the film market. At this time, Greenspan Agritech one of the leading firm in the African countries.

The combining good management with a cheaper labor combined with quality makes it possible to deliver an end product on a more than competitive level.

Major difference is the production with hot dipped galvanized posts with a keen constructed bow system we make a greenhouse that meets the requirements of our customers.

By using the hot dipped posts we are able to give every house the necessary post dimension so that it reach the static values. So we also can meet the statical Casta value, mostly used in Europa.

The combination of quality in combination with delivery as planned and agreed upon we make the difference in this market.

GT Holland and Greenspan want to bind their qualities and so enter the western market. We take it step by step and in due time we will be a reliable partner on these markets also.

The investment necessary to make these steps will be taken and in the next few years we will begin to see Greenspan worldwide.

As Boal systems is our supplier for all our glass products we also deliver the new foilhouse with boal intorduced in 2014 with their new company Boal polysystems.

Boal’s primarily known as a supplier of aluminum serving the glass greenhouse branch.

Quality is in this very important and with a great team skilled employees boal succeds to stay market leader on the glass market.

Since 2014 Boal has made the discussion to enter the Foil market.

With a complete range of aluminum profiles in kombination with a unique mounting system of the arch to the gutter it makes it possible to make a quick start and enter the higher segment of the foilmarket

Boal delivers the complete roof materials, we complete it with the steel structure.
Most import in that we work wit a trellis so especially for vegatables it is possible to hang the crop on the truss. This also gives us the opportunity to mount a screen installation as known in a glasshouse

With these two partners, we can provide the complete range of products. From the simple foil tunnels to big projects GT Holland would like to be your partner. Do not hesitate and ask us for a free enquiry.